Planning a loud outdoor party? Do you like the loud bass from your car to carry around the neighbourhood? Unfortunately, that won’t do with us. Please read the regulations below and save yourself and us the stress. 🙂

Regulations for staying at the “Green Beach” camping site

  1. Persons who have previously paid the camping fee (according to the valid price list) to the owners of the camping area or to a person authorised by them are authorised to stay in the camping area.
  2. The payment of the camping fee is at the same time an agreement to accept the conditions contained in these regulations.
  3. The camping fee is charged in advance according to the price list in force on the day.
  4. The fee for visitors to the camping area is paid by the persons inviting them, i.e. the residents of the camping area.
  5. Every person entitled to stay in the camping area shall:
    1. take care of their own safety and the safety of others on the camp site
    2. not to disturb others by their behaviour
    3. inform camp site owners of any worrying incidents
  6. Pet owners are required to:
    1. not allowing animals to run around without a leash
    2. ensuring that the animal does not pose a danger to other persons
    3. ensuring that the animal does not behave noisily, e.g. by howling or barking persistently, and does not disturb other people
    4. cleaning up after animals
  7. The owners of the camp site are not responsible for valuables left unattended in the camp site.
  8. A day’s stay at the camp site lasts from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. the next day.
  9. The camping area is quiet from 10 pm to 6 am.
  10. The following are categorically prohibited in the camping area:
    1. turning on the music and disturbing the order by being too loud
    2. making bonfires without the owner’s consent and in places not intended for that purpose
    3. shooting with air rifle, crossbow, bow, etc.
    4. destruction of vegetation (trees and shrubs)
    5. digging tents, holes and other activities that may damage the lawn
  11. The owners of the camping area reserve the right to immediately remove any person who does not comply with the rules.


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