Bobięcino is located in Pomeranian Voivodeship, Bytow County, Miastko Municipality, in the Bytow Lake District.

Nearest neighbourhood

  • Miastko 12km
  • Bytów 56km
  • Koszalin 61km
  • Mielno 74km
  • Kołobrzeg 102km
  • Słupsk 69km
  • Ustka 85kn


Bobięcino is located on Lake Bobięcińskie Małe (Small Bobięcińskie Lake) with an area of 33.3ha and a depth of 4m. The lake is connected by a canal to Lake Bobięcińskie Wielkie (Great Bobięcińskie Lake) with an area of 524.6ha and a depth of 48m. Both lakes contain lake Lobelia, a plant that is very sensitive to any pollution. Lake Bobięcińskie Wielkie is the largest lobelia lake in Europe and has first class water purity.

On one of the islands, called Buszowe Grądy, there was an early medieval stronghold dating from the 9th to the 12th century and an open settlement, the remains of which are those of a bridge hidden underwater, which once connected the island to the mainland.

Moving along the shoreline of the lake, you will come across bunkers and firing ditches from the Second World War, which were part of the Pomeranian Wall.

There is a shop and a sailing school in the village. In the village of Żydowo, 8 km away, you can see a pumped storage power station.

GPS coordinates

54.017229, 16.827017 
(54°01’02.0″N 16°49’37.3″E)

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